What documents do I need for my Visa interview?

Question of the day: I want to travel to the United States and I need a Visa. What documents do I need to take to the interview?

Answer: After requesting one of the various types of visas through a local Embassy or Consulate, you will need to take one of the following documents as evidence of the purpose of your trip, stay and return to your country of origin:

  • Confirmation of your interview appointment in the consulate or embassy with a printed bar code.
  • Confirmation of your Visa Application (form DS-160) with its bar code.
  • Passport size pictures.
  • Receipt of payment for the Visa Application.
  • Valid passport from your country valid for at least 6 additional months.
  • Evidence of your intention to return to your country of origin, such as:
  • Documents of residence from your country, such as licenses, identity cards or residency permits.
  • Evidence of employment such as pay stubs, job contracts, a letter from your employer, payments for work, or employment licenses or permits from your country.
  • Evidence of properties or real estate, such as title deeds, mortgages on property, car registries, bank statements and records of savings or investments.
  • Evidence of enrollment or certificates of study from your country, syllabus of attended courses, or proof of enrollment in educational, vocational or professional courses.
  • Written testimony or statement from a family member who lives with you or regularly spends time with you, such as your parents, partner or children.
  • Evidence of social or cultural ties, such as membership to a club, organization, community group, proof of military service or association to the military.
  • Evidence of the plans for your trip, such as air tickets, car rental, schedule of activities, park entry tickets, plays or attractions, proof of payment for hotel stays or land, sea or air transportation tickets to various destinations within the United States.

Even though the examining officer has the last word concerning whether or not to grant a Visa during the interview in the United States embassy or council, the key to success relies on being able to prove that the purpose of your entry into the United States is a temporary one, and that you will be out of the country as soon as you have concluded the purpose described in your request.


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