What can I do if I entered the USA with a tourist visa, but I overstayed?

Question of the Day: I entered the United States with a Tourist Visa, and quickly fell in love. My husband is a citizen, but I exceeded the time I was allowed to remain on my visa, and I am now illegally in the USA. How can I fix my current immigration situation?

Answer: Easy. If a removal or deportation process has not been initiated, your US citizen husband needs to file a family-based immigrant petition and request an adjustment of your immigrant status. Since spouses are immediate relatives, there are no yearly maximum quotas, and processing times are much shorter. In just a few months, if your petition is approved, your immigrant status will be adjusted, and you will become a legal permanent resident. Although there are certain exceptions, it is usually a straightforward procedure.

Like always, it is always a good idea to seek legal help before proceeding.


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