Nothing is more important than family. This is why our Firm focuses on providing priority treatment on matters related to family immigration.

Fiancée Visas – K-1

Fiancé visas offer the temporary option to reunite couples where a legal permanent resident, or citizen, wishes that his or her fiancé enter the United States with the intention of marriage. Afterwards, the couple can proceed to request permanent residence (green card).

What are the requirements for a fiancée visa?

  • The couple must have physically met at least once in the last two years (there are exceptions to this requirement).
  • The relationship must be one of good faith.
  • They must marry within 90 days of entry into the United States.

Spousal Visa – K-3

United States citizens and Permanent Residents can sponsor the immigration of their spouses by petitioning for a K-3 visa. Generally, this is the beginning of requesting permanent residency (Green Card).

What are the requirements of the spousal visa?

  • Be legally married to a United States citizen.
  • Have requested permanent residency through form I-130.

If I am requesting permanent residency (green card), why would I want a spousal visa?

This temporary visa allows spouses to remain together in the United States while the lengthy permanent residency process concludes.

Unmarried Minor Children Visa – K-4

In addition to the spousal visa (K3), the unmarried minor children of the applicant spouse can enter the United States while their permanent residency (green card) process concludes. The main purpose of these temporary family visas (K2 / K3) is to maintain family unity file the lengthy application process for permanent residency is completed. Considering that the permanent residency application process can take several months, this is a viable option to remain together while all the petitions are reviewed by the USCIS.


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