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Removal procedures, also known as deportation proceedings, can be the most terrifying government procedure an immigrant can face after arriving in the United States. Being detained, and facing the possibility of returning forcefully to your country of origin, leaving behind your job, your loved ones, and facing the complete change of daily life can fill anyone with uncertainty and fear.

You should know there are options to legally remain in the United States, but the likelihood of succeeding depends directly on the actions you take once you receive the Notice to Appear (NTA), and the removal process begins. The most important is actively participating in the process. The second most important action you can take is retaining legal counsel that can effectively and adequately relay your intentions. This could be mean the difference between failing or prevailing during the removal procedures.

If you, or a loved one face a deportation process we can help. Call 303-993-1973 now.

First of all, we can request that you be released on bond as the removal procedures continue. If your family life or employment are substantially affected by your detention, the immigration judge can consider several reasons to release you on bond. We can help to convince the judge that you have a worthy reason to be released on bond so that you can continue with your daily life while the removal procedure continues.

Secondly, there are many defenses that can be requested to protect you from the government’s intention to remove and deport you from the country. The federal government’s main interest is to deport individuals who have repeatedly broken the law, or have close criminal ties. On the other hand, the law favors immigrants who are hard workers, law abiding citizens, and their families. This is especially important when you are sole provider of your spouse or children, and your deportation would render them without food or shelter. We can argue your case in an efficient and eloquent manner to convince the immigration judge you qualify to meet the requirements to remain the legally in the United States.


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