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To help you familiarize yourself with our services and events, here are the answers to a few common questions.

Frequently Asked Questions on USADefend LLC

What services does USADefend offer?

USADefend LLC offers the following services:

USADefend Immigration has offered the following services:

What forms of payment do you accept?

USADefend accepts all major credit cards through an online secure portal. All unearned legal fees are deposited into an interest bearing trust account (IOLTA), compliant in multiple jurisdictions.

We also accept most common crypto assets, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and multiple others. Please inquire before providing payment.

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Where do you offer services?

USADefend offers services all across the United States of America, all its territories and possessions, as well as a multitude of countries across the world. Click here to see our Service offering.

I’m a journalist, can I interview you?

I believe that the Press is the fourth democratic branch, so I’m always willing to collaborate with responsible journalists. I welcome and defend the unbiased freedom of expression as a fundamental human right, and any way I can provide assistance is encouraged.

For inquiries, feel free to contact me.

Are you my lawyer?

Although some of the information and services we provide may be considered legal in nature, only a licensed attorney can provide legal counsel. Given the nature of international laws, offshore businesses, and the path to becoming an expat, it is difficult at best, impossible at worst, for a single individual or firm to be licensed in all jurisdictions.

While the author of this webpage, Christian M. Frank Fas, is in actuality a licensed attorney, none of the information provided here, nor the ExitStrategy™, can be considered legal counsel. Only through the engagement of our legal services provided by USADefend Immigration, can legal counsel be provided.

USADefend Immigration offers legal services, but exclusively limited to immigration and nationality matters.

Please bear in mind that all the information contained in this website, does not constitute legal counsel as of yet, and is purely for your information. Asking for any additional information or questions pertaining this matter has not created a legally binding Attorney-Client relationship, nor a contractual relationship for your legal representation, until you have completed a Legal Representation Contract with us and we have accepted a retainer or deposit to initiate any legal proceedings.

For additional information, please read our End-User Agreement and Disclaimers.

What languages do you speak?

Christian is natively fluent in English and Spanish. He also dabbles in Italian, French, Portuguese and sometimes a bit of Klingon, for fun.

Our expertly trained receptionists answer calls in both English and Spanish, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Is what you do legal?

Absolutely. 100% legal.

We abide by strict ethical and moral standards, and only work with other similar professionals. In certain cases, we may evaluate your current situation and determine that it is marginally or significantly non-compliant in the jurisdiction where it may be happening, upon which we will inform you immediately. However, we will not endorse any further continuation of unamended activities.

Is this a scam?

No, this is not a scam. All the information provided and solutions offered during our services are third-party verifiable in nature. Oftentimes, citations for legal sources are provided.

In addition, Christian M. Frank Fas – The Expat Expert -, is admitted as an attorney in multiple jurisdictions around the United States of America, and is also a member of several professional organizations.

We will gladly provide references and credentials upon request.

Can I ask you just a few questions?

Due to the extreme volume of inquiries we receive, we aren’t able to answer specific questions until after a consultation is scheduled. While sharing information on our multiple platforms is provided freely, each particular situation requires time and effort to custom tailor specific solutions to particular problems.

Please understand that this limitation is not by choice, but by design.

Schedule a consultation here.

But, I only have one question. Can you make an exception?

Sorry, that one question leads to further questions. Once we go down the rabbit hole, there’s no turning back.

Schedule a Consultation here.

Are you licensed to practice law in Puerto Rico?

Yes. RUA Núm. 16,407 and a proud member of the Colegio de Abogados y Abogadas.

When did you start practicing law?

I was admitted to practice law by the Puerto Rico Supreme Court on March 2007.

Here’s a list of some of the legal matters I have represented over the years:

  • Legal counsel and representation to mainland USA clients who required representation in Puerto Rico.
  • Complex interstate divorces involving division of marital estates.
  • Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act Defense.
  • Interstate Child Support Defense.
  • Disputes over breach of exclusive distribution contracts of products and services.
  • Business startup planning, creation and formation in Puerto Rico.
  • Legal counsel to multiple Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm related industries, including import, export and excise tax compliance, and international trade.
  • Complex probate, estate division and impeachment of testaments in Puerto Rico.
  • Development of digital notary practices.
  • Alpha and Beta testing of electronic document filing systems in multiple legal jurisdictions.
  • Family immigration including waivers, VAWA and U Visa applications.
  • Complex removal cases before Immigration Court.
  • Asylum Defense in Removal Proceedings before Immigration Court.
  • Immigration Appeals before the Board of Immigration Appeals.
  • Immigration Appeals before the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Civil Rights Violation Lawsuits before Federal District Court.

Where are your offices located?

  • Main Corporate

1887 Whitney Mesa Drive Suite 9669
Henderson, NV 89014

  • Immigration Division

USADefend Immigration
225 Union Blvd #150 Suite 114
Lakewood, CO 80228

  • Federal Litigation & Removal Defense Division

340 S Lemon Ave Suite 6996
Walnut, CA 91789

Have you been cited as a legal source?

As a pioneer of digital document handling in the legal field, I authored the first article in a Puerto Rican legal review journal to write about digital notarial practice in 2006.

My law review article, titled The Future of Notarial Practice in the Digital Age (45 Rev. Der. PR 345 (2006)), has been cited as a legal source for the establishment of a notarial legal practice model which intertwines the traditional Latin notarial activities in an ever developing digital world.

Read the legal review article here.

Subsequently cited by the Puerto Rico Supreme Court’s Commission for the Study and Evaluation of the Notarial Functions in Puerto Rico.



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Postal Address

1887 Whitney Mesa DR #9669
Henderson, NV 89014


  • USA: 1-8-DEFENSE-US (833-336-7387)
  • Colorado, USA: 303-993-1973
  • Puerto Rico: 787-301-0101