Immigrant and Refugee Commission to inaugurate in Aurora

Following the recent creation of the Office of International and Immigrant Affairs in September 2015, the Immigrant and Refugee Commission is slated to start working in late October of this year in the city of Aurora, Colorado. This Commission seeks to integrate immigrants and refugees in the public and civil life of the city, and […]

Las cortes de inmigración en Estados Unidos con casi medio millón de casos pendientes.

Question of the day: For what reasons could they refuse to grant Permanent Residency, or the Green Card? Answer: There are various reasons why Immigration Services could refuse to grant Permanent Residency, or the Green Card. Among them: Health conditions or contagious diseases. Conviction for a serious criminal offence or multiple convictions for misdemeanors. Questionable […]

Question of the day: I want to travel to the United States and I need a Visa. What documents do I need to take to the interview? Answer: After requesting one of the various types of visas through a local Embassy or Consulate, you will need to take one of the following documents as evidence […]

Representative Dan Pabon has proposed a law to regulate the illegal practice of “notaries” not authorized to legally represent clients in immigration procedures. If approved, the legal measure would require every person dedicated to preparing and providing legal representation in immigration procedures to the government of the United States to be an attorney, or otherwise […]


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