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Green Card by Investment in the United States

The EB-5 Visa allows foreign investors to apply for a Green Card through investment. Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island and United States territory.

It is the perfect location to invest, because Immigrant Investors and Businesses can benefit from Puerto Rico Act 60 Tax Benefits.  Minimum capital investment is reduced to only $500,000 USD. This offers a 72% discount on EB-5 Investment Visas and eligible business can benefit from 0% income taxes, 0% capital gains taxes, and 0% dividends distribution taxes.

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Develop your ExitStrategy™

USADefend helps investors and entrepreneurs create a comprehensive and customized actionable plan for offshore tax and financial optimization, immigration, and lifestyle enhancement: an ExitStrategy.

By relocating overseas, you can take advantage of an offshore residence or citizenship to reduce your tax liability to nearly zero, which effectively doubles your income. Also, you can take advantage of flag theory, and Jurisdictions of Convenience to protect your assets, and reduce your overall liability. 

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Puerto Rico Act 60 Tax Benefits

Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island and an unincorporated US territory. Although it is part of the United States and the same laws apply, it has an independent tax system. To stimulate economic growth, Puerto Rico introduced generous tax incentives with Act 20 and Act 22, currently Act 60, which offer outstanding tax incentives to residents and companies, such as an introductory 2% flat corporate tax rate for qualifying businesses and 0% tax on income tax, capital gains tax and dividends. This makes Puerto Rico the perfect location for digital nomads, online entrepreneurs, day traders, crypto investors and high net worth individuals.

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USADefend offers Crypto Asset Consulting:

  • Buy Crypto Assets
  • Sell Crypto Assets
  • Crypto Asset Fund Investment and Management
  • Long or Short Term Storage of Crypto Assets
  • Transfers of Crypto Assets
  • Active and Passive Crypto Assets Management
  • Accept and Send Payments with Crypto Assets and Crypto Currency
  • Crypto Assets Escrow Services
  • Third Party Fiduciary for Crypto Assets
  • Hot and Cold Crypto Assets Wallet Storage
  • Crypto Assets Investment, Consulting and Training
  • Crypto Assets and Regulatory Compliance

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