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Business Immigration in the United States

Applying for Work or Investment Visas is a complicated process that requires your most valuable assets: time and effort. Assembling your application package might seem like a straightforward deal, but preparing, drafting, and assembling all the required documents are tasks that should be left to a skilled and experienced professional. Let USADefend Immigration LLC guide the way.

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Crypto Asset Management

Emerging technologies bring with them the excitement and uncertainty that enables both exponential profits, and possibly crushing losses to uninformed investors. We are currently offering traditional white-glove services to decentralized finance (DeFi), as well as acquisition and management of crypto assets. Be part of the bleeding edge of wealth growth in the 21st Century by allowing us to manage and grow your crypto asset portfolio.

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Puerto Rico Tax Residence

Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island and an unincorporated United States territory. Although it is part of the United States and the same laws apply, because of the political relationship with the USA, it has an independent tax system, where the IRS lacks jurisdiction. To stimulate economic growth, Puerto Rico introduced generous tax incentives with Act 60, formerly known as Act 20 and Act 22.

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